Japanese LED Name Sign

I have a young friend who has a passion for the ancient Japanese Samurai Warrior. Japanese tapestries hang from the walls of his bedroom and his most prized possession is a series of Japanese swords that are displayed on a shelf in his room. I helped him build a Samurai costume for Halloween this year and boy, was that intense! Talk about details! Since a lot of my projects are actually gifts for people, it should come as no surprise that this one is no different. After the Halloween costume project, I decided that this would be his Christmas gift. Japanese is NOT my native language and I don’t know anyone who speaks Japanese so I had to rely on Google Translate and a variety of other places on the world wide web. Fortunately, no matter the resource, his name translated to these characters quite consistently. (To this day, I’m really, really hoping that my research paid off and I got it right. His name is Tyler, so if you’re reading this and understand Japanese, please let me know if I’ll be building another one in the future and secretly swapping with the incorrect version. Thanks in advance!) Since he loves LED lighting (what kid doesn’t these days), I incorporated some RGB LED strip lights into the sign, complete with a remote control that allows him to change the color, brightness or strobe of the light. The sign measures approx 23″ wide by 8″ high. At the core, it’s really just a series of layers, 5 to be exact, that make up the entire sign. Enjoy the build sequence below!

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