John Deere Lawn Mower

I thought I’d add this post because I don’t see too many of these when I drive around town. In fact, I’ve never seen any. It’s nothing big, and not really special, but it does showcase one of my traditional skill sets of painting. This was something that I did for my dad back in May of 2004. He had always wanted a John Deere lawn mower, and when the time was right, he bought this one. It was now one of three lawn mowers that would be used to mow the 2 acres of land that my 3 brothers and I used to roam around on as kids. Anyways…..I was well into my airbrushing phase. At the time, I was working at a bar in my college town airbrushing signage for local businesses. I was looking to expand my artistic ability by painting new surfaces. I was hesitant to paint a car, but a lawn mower seemed like a perfect opportunity. I didn’t take many pics back then showing the various steps involved, so hopefully these will suffice.

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