LED Floor Inlay

It was early May of 2008 and it all started out as a simple remodel of my dad’s office. Gut the walls down to the studs. Replace all the old electrical wires with updated code-worthy wires and boxes. Install new leak-proof windows and a new 3/4″ red oak hardwood floor. The room wasn’t that big…..only 14′ by 26′. My dad is an accomplished woodworker and was happy with the way things were turning out. However….my brother and I didn’t quite see it that way. After looking at the progress one night, we decided it needed something more. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, if there were some kind of exotic wood inlay in this floor? Seeming as how it my our dad’s office, it would showcase his skills when he had clients over to discuss business. Better yet….what if it incorporated exotic wood and LED lighting? My brother is an electronics genius. By day, he works at Fermi Lab doing all kinds of crazy stuff including working with some super high-voltage devices. By night, he experiments with what’s been dubbed “LED Surprise” projects. “LED Surprise” is basically any project with LED lighting incorporated into it. It can be anything…..coasters, light displays, die cast cars, etc. On this particular night, the office floor would become yet another “LED Surprise.” Check out the pics in the gallery for an unofficial look at how to install LED lights into an existing hardwood floor.

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