Cartoon Cabinet


The clients for this project were rather important, as their approval will definitely lead to more work in the future! These particular clients are notorious for leaving their toys out all over the place. Like most kids, they recently ran out of space in which to store their toys. So I decided to help them out by building them something that would allow them to store more toys so that their parents couldn’t get upset with them for not putting their toys away. I mean, that is the root cause of not putting toys away, right? Since I’m basically a big kid, I did some sketches and a few renderings as though I were building this for myself. Red is my favorite color, but I would eventually let the kids pick out the colors for the drawers and the top of the cabinet. The parts were designed on the computer and eventually cut from 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood on the CNC. The face frame was constructed of 8 different pieces which would ultimately generate a master template for the front and back frame assembly. Drawer fronts and front face frame were ultimately skinned with 1/8″ styrene (because I didn’t have time to do extensive filling and sanding work.) The drawer boxes were made with 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood as well.


Caricatures & Portraits

This is a collection of some of my favorite caricatures and portraits that I’ve done over the years. Before you view the gallery below, I’ll give you a little background on the origin of these drawings. When I was in college, I worked as a bartender. When someone had a birthday, anniversary, or other special event,  I was usually nominated to create a unique caricature-style drawing of the individual. Each drawing would highlight specific features about the person or humorous points of their life. Sometimes the humor came from things that they said, things that they did, or things that were obvious to others and not to them. It was always a lot of fun and when I was finished, everyone would sign the poster/card and we would present it to the person.