Naperville Bank And Trust Kiosks and Wall Display

I recently had the pleasure of working with my dad on a project for the Naperville Bank & Trust in Naperville. The bank purchased the historic 1939 Post Office building to be used as their new downtown location. We were asked to work on a couple projects for them that would incorporate original items found in the post office during its time of operation.

The first project was to dismantle a series of old, brass post office box doors and create a wall display that would be placed inside the wall of the presidents office, while still visible to the rest of the bank. Removing the doors seemed like a simple task at first, but ended up being rather complex because of how they were originally manufactured. Since the post office box keys were nowhere to be found, we had to remove the doors Continue reading “Naperville Bank And Trust Kiosks and Wall Display”

Cubs Stadium Seat Restoration

I had a couple sets of these to do in a relatively short amount of time. The customer had purchased the seats (in green) from an auction held at Wrigley Field (quite a while ago) and was looking to have them restored to look like new. Once I got them into the shop, I contemplated saving as much of the original wood as possible as opposed to fabricating entirely new seat slats out of white oak. They were caked with Continue reading “Cubs Stadium Seat Restoration”