Ferrari Dino Display

This was a project that I did for the then-director of the Ferrari Club of America. I was approached by another member to showcase his 1971 Dino 246 GT in a special display case for his office. The display was to be kept simple and we needed to use images taken from the most recent club program; the last program he would be apart of since he was retiring. So other than the images, we needed a car to display. Pretty simple, right? Not exactly……I was counting on companies like HotWheels and Burago to offer me the opportunity to purchase a silver Dino hardtop. Not so much. At the time, HotWheels offered a red, yellow, and maroon GTS version of the car (convertible.) This project was going to be challenging! Check out the pics in the gallery below to follow the progress over this 5-day build project.

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